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AWS D1.1 / ASME Certified

An AWS welding certification can be a ticket to advancing a professional welder or metal fabricator’s career. The non-profit Doral, Fla.-based American Welding Society (AWS) was established in 1919 with a goal to advance the technology, science, and application of welding and allied cutting and joining processes, including thermal spraying, soldering, and brazing.

According to AWS, one of the best ways for a welder or metal fabricator to boost his career prospects is by getting a welding certification from AWS. The certification opens up opportunities for higher-level career challenges, leadership positions, and more money. AWS has various certification categories, from educators, supervisors, and inspectors to fabricators, welding engineers, and radiographic interpreters.

Preparing for Certification

One of the benefits of getting certified by AWS is that the organization is recognized worldwide. The organization holds exams in various locations, including 40 countries and 550 sites in the United States annually.

It is also wise to prepare before registering for certification. However, there are candidates who assume that their respective experiences in the field are enough to be certified, only to be frustrated if they are unable to pass the AWS welding certification exam. The exams are comprehensive with the intention of ensuring that the welding industry has high quality personnel who can handle complicated welding-related jobs.

Professional Certification Programs

There are eight welding-related certification programs, depending on the welding professional’s needs. Aside from better job stability, stronger employment demand, and higher salary potential, specialized certification demonstrates to employers the welder’s capability to grow and continually learn in the field.

These eight programs include the: certified welding inspector program, certified welding educator program, certified radiographic interpreter, certified welding inspector, certified welding sales representative, certified welding engineer, certified welder program, and certified robotic arc welding.

In the certified welder program, the candidate is tested in the procedures used in petroleum pipelines, sheet metal, structural steel, and the chemical refinery welding industries. The certified welder program is a program (performance-based) with no certifications or pre-requisite courses needed.

The AWS welding inspector certification can lead the future inspector to be in a career that is fulfilling, engaging, and stable across all levels. Most welders, from associate certification to senior-level certification, find the career as an inspection professional to be both lucrative and rewarding.

The AWS welding certification to be a certified welding supervisor is vital for supervisors in the manufacturing and construction industries. In their respective industries, welding supervisors know the factors that influence the quality of welding. They also know how to supervise welders to ensure they produce high-quality work. They are also aware of the factors that help in optimizing productivity.

The AWS welding supervisor certification enables inspectors, foremen, quality supervisors, managers, procurement managers, chief executives, and lead welders to improve the bottom line of their respective companies. Welding supervisors contribute greatly to welding safety, productivity, cost, and quality.

The welding industry is not something that one should take lightly. A welder cannot just wield the necessary tools and declare that he is a certified welding professional. With an AWS welding certification, he is assured of a better future in the industry.