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AWS D1.1 / ASME Certified

Are you interested in becoming an ACS-certified welder? Our training program provides you with the welding skills that you need to make your mark in the industry. We also prepare you for certification with the American Welding Society, which can open up new career opportunities as well as greatly boost your earning potential.

There is a high demand for welders with ACS-certification, who can be employed in a wide range of industries including heavy industry, manufacturing and construction. Specific jobs for welders depending on their level of qualification include structural metal worker, underwater welder, materials engineer and welding technician.

Once a welder is certified, he does not only enjoy larger earnings than his non-certified counterparts; he also has better career prospects as he can move up to a leadership role as a Certified Welding Inspector. CWIs ensure that welding activities conducted in their workplace are done in accordance with state and federal safety regulations, as well as the safety rules implemented by the company.

A certified welder can also enjoy a variety of alternative careers in the field. For example, experienced welders who are interested in teaching and have industrial maintenance experience can become welding instructors at community colleges. Maintenance welders work in factories to keep machinery used in production in good working order as well as installing new units.

ACS certified welder programs are available in the following areas:
• Welding Inspectors
• Welding Educators
• Radiographic Interpreter – The welders in this category read and interpret radiographs of welds to assess indications.
• Welding Supervisor – This is a leadership position in which you oversee welders to ensure that they perform high quality work.
• Welding Sales Representative – Welders in this position sell welding equipment. They also need to have a certain level of technical expertise.
• Welding Engineer – This is a senior position in which the welder solves problems by developing welding techniques as well as creating new procedures to guide production.
• Robotic Arc Welder – These welders operate robotic welding arms and other automated welding machineries.

We also offer customizable programs for welder certification designed to meet the particular needs of your business and upgrade the skills of your welding staff. Our certified welder training program includes the following subject areas:
• Reading and interpreting blueprints
• Training in the various welding processes including gas tungsten arc, gas metal arc and flux cored arc.
• Learning to use destructive and nondestructive examination processes to inspect and test welds.
• Using the subarc welding process to weld carbon steel.

The KLK School of Welding and Theory offers a short-term certificate program that takes around sixteen weeks to complete. Classes are held two evenings a week and the student will receive a Certificate of Completion right after he finishes the course. Subject areas covered in this program include welding theory and techniques, welding safety, welding using Shield Metal Arc, Gas Tungsten Arc and Gas Metal Arc and Plasma and Acetylene Cutting.

Whether you are looking for a certified welder program for yourself or for your employees, KLK Welding Inc. offers the training that you need to excel.