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The Fabrication of Custom Steel

Steel is an integral part in various industries and custom steel fabrication is a service provided by many welding and metal fabrication companies. There are two kinds of fabrication: carbon steel fabrication and custom steel fabrication.

Carbon Steel Fabrication

The custom manufacturing of carbon steel entails the services of a highly-skilled craftsman as the fabrication process can be a work of art. In such operation, experienced metal workers use high-tech lasers to cut carbon steel with up to ½ inch x 12 feet and shear to 3/8 inch x 12 feet.

In customized metal fabrication and with the right carbon steel fabricator, customers get the benefit of a comprehensive cutting center that is supported by welding, press brake forming, assembly, and dedicated metal workers.

Stainless Steel Fabrication

Another facet of custom steel fabrication is stainless steel fabrication. Stainless steel is highly versatile and is used in applications like machine components (heavy-duty), sturdy steel frames, decorative motifs, and cutwork grills, among other stainless steel parts. Welders and metal fabricators can cut the material to ¼ inch thick. Services include press brake forming, laser cutting, punching, shearing, assembly, and robotic welding.

Metal fabricating companies’ laser-cutting computer-controlled center puts technology to work on various types and thicknesses of stainless steel by up to ¼ inch. Services of fabricating stainless steel include machining, work hardening, silver soldering (brazing), and soft soldering.

Experienced custom fabricators can advise customers and plan the job from the beginning to the end. They can bend, fold, hot- and cold-forge, spin, deep draw, and roll-form stainless steel to customers’ specifications.

Durability of Stainless Steel

Because of its durability, stainless steel is desirable in specialized metal processing operations. The material’s strength is one of its main advantages. This is why the fabricators consult with the customers to clarify the objectives and produce the right results on the project.

Many specialized metal fabrication companies have 350 ton x 12 feet press brakes and supporting press brakes that are smaller that can convert the component into a reality. Most companies handle various small and large-scale jobs.

Stock Materials

It is standard for custom steel fabrication firms to keep an inventory of steel and other metals. This is to ensure that the production of a customer’s orders can start right away after the specifications for a project have been agreed on.

Aside from stainless and carbon steel, companies store metallic and non-metallic items like plastics, cast iron, hot-rolled steel, cold-rolled steel, bronze, copper, aluminum, and brass. Aside from fabricating carbon and stainless steel, companies also specialize in galvanizing, Blanchard grinding, painting, and assembly.

Metal Fabrication

Custom metal fabrication is just one aspect of a company that deals with metal fabrication and welding repair. Aside from stainless steel, companies also specialize in forming other metals like aluminum, iron, and brass.

The importance of these metal fabrication companies is important to economic progress. Steel is an important material for manufacturers in various industries. To support the growth of any country’s economy, a custom steel fabrication company must be able to comply with a specific industry’s needs.