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Are You Looking for a Metal Fabrication Company in Hanover or York, PA?

KLK Welding can handle all your metal fabrication needs.

Fabrication companies are a dime-a-dozen nowadays. While this means you can easily find a company to take care of your fabrication needs, it also spells trouble. Choose the wrong people, and you will be wasting your money on unsatisfactory service and output that leaves something to be desired. What are the factors to consider when deciding which among the many fabrication companies you should entrust your business to?

Services Offered

The very first thing you need to look into when choosing among fabrication companies is services provided. Metal fabrication involves a lot of processes, and whether or not a company can accommodate your order will largely depend on what they offer. Make sure that you contact the company you’re eyeing first and ask them what they can do for you.


Some of the things you need to look into to find the best metal fabrication company are space, equipment, and manpower. Small job orders are no problem for most metal fabrication companies. However, if yours is a big project, you might want to check out the capability of the company you are interested in hiring. Make sure they have the following: a space large enough to handle the production of your order without compromising quality and safety; sufficient manpower to ensure that your order is done on time; and the right tools and equipment to do the job efficiently.

KLK Welding has a manufacturing center that’s 25,000 square feet

enough space to tackle even the most challenging projects that small fabrication service providers avoid. Its welders and fabricators are experienced individuals who take pride in their work and are even qualified to provide training and AWS (American Welding Society) certifications. The sheer range of projects completed by the company is a testament to its capability as a metal fabrication and welding services provider.


You wouldn’t want to do business with a metal fabrication company that is not certified to provide the services it is offering. The risks are higher and there’s a real possibility that your demands will not be met. Fortunately, you don’t have to take a chance on a shady company. KLK Welding is one of the top metal fabrication companies in Hanover and York, PA, and holds a number of certifications from the AWS.


Experience is important in any industry, but in metal fabrication and welding, it makes all the difference. If you go for newly established fabrication companies whose people are only equipped with theoretical know-how, your project might take a while to be completed. The people behind KLK Welding have decades’ worth of collective experience in the industry, which means that your project, whether big or small, simple or complex, can be done quickly, accurately, and precisely according to your specifications.

Customer Service

A metal or steel fabrication company that goes out of its way to provide service or address the concerns of its clientele should be your number one choice. KLK Welding is known for its 24/7 customer service – they can respond to your fabrication, welding, or simple repair needs off-site or on-site even on weekends and holidays, and after-store hours.


It makes sense to take advantage of the services of a company that’s located near you, as this will prevent problems in communication and accessibility from arising. That’s why if you’re in Hanover or York, your best choice among fabrication companies is KLK Welding.