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AWS D1.1 / ASME Certified

KLK Welding offers the leading heavy metal fabrication services in the Hanover PA area. We possess a D1.1 certification from the American Welding Society, testifying to the high quality of our services and the fabrication shop that we run. Our elite structural steel fabricators have extensive experience in working on a wide variety of custom and large-scale construction projects.

If you have a complicated project involving fabricating heavy metal components that has defeated other fabrication shops, we invite you to bring it to us. We welcome challenges and assure you that with our experience and expertise, we will be able to get even the most complex job done with efficiency and precision.

What is Heavy Metal Fabrication?

The term refers to the process of transforming metal such as steel into finished products. Fabrication involves many complex methods including machining, molding and casting. The most common application of metal fabrication is to create metal parts that are used to create more complicated structures. If clients require more specific parts, custom fabrication can be performed.

There are three categories of fabrication:

• Industrial. Industrial fabricators create parts for factories and other related industrial uses.

• Structural. The fabricators in this category produce components that are used in the construction industry.

• Commercial. This category involves the production of metal parts that are sold commercially to customers.

The different types of processes used in heavy metal fabrication include:
• Cutting. This involves removing pieces of metal from sheets or bars that will be used to make parts. The cutting process is generally done using advanced methods such as lasers, plasma torches and water jets, although some fabricators may still use old-fashioned techniques such as sawing.

• Machining. This process involves removing a piece of metal from the part to refine it and uses a special cutting tool that rotates drills or blades around it.

• Folding. To construct the metal parts, the pieces of metal are bent and this is done using a brake press. Dies are used with the press to determine how the metal is bent based on the part that needs to be formed.

• Shearing. In this process, a long cut is made on the metal part.

• Punching. A hole in punched in the metal part and uses a punch and a die in the shape of the hole to be made.

• Stamping. This process is similar to punching, but instead of a hole, a depression is made in the metal. Stamping is done, for example, in order to apply the name of the company onto the finished part.

• Welding. In this process, two pieces of metal are attached using a welder.

We work on a wide variety of metal fabrication projects including architectural parts, decorative metal forms, construction-related parts and components for machinery and equipment. In addition, our job offers a variety of services including press brake, shearing, angle rolling, saw cutting and flame track cutting. Feel free to get in touch with us to learn more about our heavy metal fabrication and structural steel fabrication services.