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Our job shop offers superior structural steel fabrication performed by our expert heavy metal fabricators. We accept a variety of fabrication jobs for large commercial and industrial projects and serve clients in the Hanover, PA and York, PA areas.

The Benefits of Structural Steel

Structural steel has become the material of choice for designers of large-scale projects, due to the many benefits that it brings when measured against other options. These include:

Faster Completion

Structural steel can be quickly designed, fabricated and erected, allowing the project to be completed sooner. Specialized CAD software for structural steel modeling allows closer coordination between designers and steel specialization contractors in the design and completion of building structures. This software also saves time and money in the construction process by integrating efficiencies in fabrication and erection, generating significant savings.

Cheaper Project Costs

Fabricating structural steel for large-scale projects has been shown to be the cost leader compared with competing materials. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, structural steel fabrication prices for commercial structures have increased by 62% (using 1980 as the base year), but the prices of ready-mix concrete have grown 114% over the same period.

The reason for the difference is that the number of man-hours required to produce a single ton of steel has fallen from ten in 1980 to less than a single man-hour at present. The cost of fabrication and detailing has similarly fallen, resulting to significant productivity increases in the structural steel segment of the construction industry.

High Strength

Structural steel is one of the strongest construction materials even when compared with rival materials dubbed as “high strength”. It is usually rated at 50 ksi or having a 50,000 lb per square inch of yield strength in both tension and compression. On the other hand, the typical concrete mix has a three to five ksi yield strength only in compression while so-called “high yield” concrete may have a 12 ksi to 15 ksi compressive yield strength. This means that buildings can be lighter without having more extensive foundations.

Flexibility in Design

By providing a wider range of structural steel fabrication options, structural steel allows structural engineers and architects to more precisely achieve their design intentions. Thus, this construction material encourages greater freedom of expression and promotes more innovative building designs.

Ease of Use

Since a full range of design and fabrication tools for structural steel are commonly available, the structural engineer is able to use this material to create a full range of structures ranging from simple box designs to more complex buildings that require creative approaches.


Structural steel is a material that fits the aims of promoting sustainability in the use of natural resources since it is not only made of 88% recycled metal products, it is also fully capable of being recycled in the future and being reused without the need for more processing.

In addition to structural steel fabrication, KLK Welding also offers a variety of custom metal fabrication services for various types of projects.