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AWS D1.1 / ASME Certified

KLK Welding offers the leading structural steel fabricators services in the Hanover PA area. Our shop is AWS D1.1 certified and offers fabrication services for large projects such as industrial and commercial facilities and multi-storey buildings. We also provide structural steel fabrication for complex piping networks as well as machinery.

What is Structural Steel?

This is steel that is specially constructed with a particular shape or cross-section in mind, as well as specified values of chemical composition and strength. The term is generally used to refer to manganese and low-carbon steels that are used in marine engineering and civil applications. To be classified as stainless steel, an alloy has to be iron-based and should contain at least 10.5% chromium. To modify the structural steel, more chromium as well as other elements are added, which has the effect of strengthening certain characteristics such as heat-resistance properties and corrosion resistance and enhancing its mechanical properties.

Structural steel is a popular choice in structures used in the chemical, pharmaceutical, food and beverage industries due to its attractive appearance and durability. However, it can also be used in applications such as serving as the outer “cover” for columns to provide a stainless skin, although it is also possible to use it as the load bearing material.

The types of steels used by structural steel fabricators include:

• Carbon-manganese. These steels combine carbon, manganese and iron and are called carbon or mild structural steels. They are widely used since they are very economical and are noted for their high ductility and strength. The best-known among carbon-manganese steels is ASTM grade A36.
• High-strength quenched and tempered alloy steels. The most widely available steel in this category is ASTM grade A514.
• Low-alloy, high-strength steels. This type of structural steel has been strengthened by adding certain chemical elements. ASTM grade A572 is the most commonly used type.

The product forms used by structural steel fabricators include sheets and plates that are usually fabricated into structural shapes, preformed products such as angles and tubes, castings, wire and bar and rod.

One popular recent use for fabricated structural steel is for reinforcing concrete, due to its high corrosion resistance properties, particularly when used with chloride-bearing concrete where the material would be exposed to the moist seacoast air or to de-icing salts. The use of structural steel in structures that are vulnerable to adverse corrosion has been shown to greatly reduce repair and maintenance costs.

Structural steel can also be fireproofed to prevent its deterioration in case a fire breaks out in buildings where it is used. This is achieved by adding external fireproofing materials to the steel to enable it to resist fire damage and reduce the transfer rate of heat.

Structural steel is also available as tubular components that are created by taking stainless steel angles and bending them into a ring shape and then welding together the ends. These tubular components are commonly used as end and bracing frames and space frames as well as load-bearing members.

We welcome inquiries about our structural steel fabricators services and other metal fabrication services.