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Welders in Hanover PA: Types of Welding Services

Depending on the particular demands, conditions, and materials to work on, various types of welding methods have been developed and currently used by Welders in Hanover PA like KLK Welding, Inc. Each process addresses a specific need, and comes with its own set of advantages and disadvantages.

Following are some of the more important and common welding services provided by welders in Hanover PA:
Shielded Metal Arc Welding – This type of welding service is also popularly known as “stick welding” or SMAW. The “stick” pertains to the electrode that is has a protectant flux coating. The electrode holder grips the stick in position, and creates an arc through the use of either alternating or direct current. This causes the electrode to melt away slowly, at the same time melting the metal materials to be joined. These happen as the flux coating discharges a type of gas vapor that, along with the slag, produces a shielded environment that protects the weld area from any form of contaminants.

Gas Metal Arc Welding

Also called “MIG welding” or “GMAW,” gas metal arc welding utilizes type of consumable wire electrode fed via a welding gun. Likewise, an inert gas shield like argon, or a combination of carbon dioxide and argon, is sprayed on the wedding puddle to provide protection from contaminants in the environment. GMAW has become very popular among Welders in Hanover PA, and the welding method of choice for industrial applications today because of its relative ease and versatility. However, the method is not recommended for outdoor use or in areas where air volatility is high.

Gas Tungsten Arc Welding

This process is also commonly known as “TIG welding” or GTAW, and utilizes a tungsten electrode in producing the weld. Unlike in stick welding, the consumption of the electrode does not happen in the process of welding. Instead, protection from atmospheric contamination for the weld area is provided by a type of inert gas, typically helium or argon. The acronym “TIG” actually stands for “Tungsten Inert Gas.”

Flux-Cored Arc Welding

Simply called FCAW, this welding method is similar to GMAW in many ways. The main difference is that flux-cored arc welding uses a special flux-filled tubular wire. While shielding gases can be used, the flux may prove to be enough, on its own, to prevent contamination of the welding puddle, depending on the specific filter material as well as other prevailing circumstances.

Submerged Arc Welding

In submerged arc welding, also known simply as “SAW,” an automatically-fed consumable electrode is used. It likewise utilizes a characteristic granular fusible flux blanket that consists of various compounds like lime, silica, manganese oxide, and calcium fluoride, among others. The granular flux blanket entirely submerges the welding area, and in the process protecting it.

These services, as well as other type so welding and fabrication services, are highly useful to the field of industrial fabrication, particularly when rendered by highly experienced and skilled welders.

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