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Importance of Welding Safety for Welding Companies in York PA

Welding companies in York PA are very much aware of the fact that while providing professional welding services can be quite a rewarding and lucrative proposition, it comes with some risk and inherent hazards. For one, welders are always working with electric current and high temperatures. This is why proper safety must always be kept in mind. After all, it is not rare for welders in Pennsylvania to sustain on the job injuries, but more serious accidents are avoided because of the proper precautionary measures they have in place.

Following are some of the more common, but nevertheless very important welding safety measures that welding companies in York PA like KLK Welding, Inc. (http://klkwelding.com) always require their employees to keep in mind:

Always dress appropriately

Welding involves closely working with intense heat, and it is not a good idea to expose any part of your skin while performing a welding job. Wearing the proper gear is important to keep yourself – from head to toe – safe and protected at all times. These include:
• Safety glasses
• Lightweight welding jacket
• Auto-darkening helmet
• Welding bandana to be worn under the helmet
• Leather apron
• Heavy duty welding gloves
• Denim pants without cuffs
• Leather boots

When choosing the right safety gear, it is recommended to go for high quality models, and not just base your buying decision on the price. Welding companies in York PA, for example, prefer the auto-darkening, industrial grade helmet for their welders. For one, it provides a higher level of safety than other models. Likewise, it is considerably lighter compared to older models.

By wearing a lighter helmet that does not compromise on safety, the welder gets less strain on the neck that helps prevent repetitive stress disorders. While this type of helmet may be a bit more expensive that the regular helmet models in the market, the safety benefits it provides may make the purchase worth it in the edn.

Always make sure to clean the air

Welding emits fumes that are harmful when inhaled, and you must avoid them as much as possible – even if you are wearing the complete set of appropriate safety gear. Using an exhaust hood is a good idea as it an help in pulling the fumes away from you while you are working.

In some cases, depending on the type of materials you are working on, it may be advisable to have a personal respirator worn to help you breathe safely. If you are unsure, ask your supervisor or check the electrode data sheet just to be on the safe side.

Know the equipment you are using

A lot of people are not fond of reading the instruction manual for the equipment they are using. However, this is not a matter of reading for the sake of enjoyment and entertainment. You have to know how the welding equipment under your care functions. You must be able to identify if there is something wrong with it.

Working with malfunctioning equipment or one that is not functioning at optimal levels can lead to accidents in the workplace. It is therefore important that you must at least be able to pinpoint the problem even if you are not capable of fixing it on your own.

These are some of the basic safety measures that welding companies in York PA.