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Common Welding Hazards in the Workplace

There are inherent physical and chemical hazards that employees of any welding company in Hanover PA face in the performance of their duties on a daily basis. The tools and techniques used today expose welders at risk for injuries that may be caused by accidental chemical inhalation or arc blasts. That is why most companies today follow strict safety procedures in order to protect not only their employees, but also other people.

Following are five of the common welding hazards that welders should watch out for:

1. Eye Damage – Welding emits vapors and sparks that can cause injuries. For protection, welders need to wear personal protective equipment (PPE) like welding helmet, flame resistant clothing, and safety boots. The welding company in Hanover PA that employs these welders is also required by law to make sure that their employees have the proper PPE when performing welding tasks.

2. Chemical Exposure – Gas welding, in particular, involves burning that exposes welders to various chemicals such as carbon monoxide, argon, and hydrogen fluoride which can be dangerous when inhaled. It can result to immediate nose, throat, and eye irritation; and when exposed to the fumes for a protracted period of time, welders can sustain serious lung and kidney damage, as well as cancer. The concerned welding company in Hanover PA should therefore orient its employees on the hazards of chemical exposure. Likewise, safety measures such as the installation of proper ventilation in the work area, must be put in place.

3. Arc Flash – Another type of welding commonly used today is arc welding. This type of welding process exposes the welder to the dangers of burning caused by ultra-violet radiation exposure that results from electric welding arcs. To minimize the risk, welders must wear the proper protective gear including flame-proof aprons, gloves and long-sleeved shirts that can prevent possible injuries from arc flashes.

4. Fire Hazards – Welding creates fire-causing sparks that can endanger not only the safety of the people around, but of the facility where the welding job is done, as well. Employees wearing oil or grease-smudged clothes are in bigger danger from this hazard. Thus it is important to make sure that the work area is always kept free of clutter that can potentially worsen fire risks like flammable chemicals and materials. The welding company in Hanover PA must also make sure that sufficient fire-fighting equipment and tools are always easily accessible.

5. Electrical Shock – Since practically all welding methods use electricity, the risk of electrical shock is always present. The key to avoiding this risk is to ensure proper insulation. The workplace must be equipped with sufficient cables and electrode holders that are well-insulated. Workers must make sure that their safety gear like gloves and appropriate clothing are dry and in good condition before handling any welding equipment. Installation of rubber mats in the work area can also be of big help in insulating workers from grounding.

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