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Qualities of Welding and Fabrication Companies to Look for

To a certain degree, it can be said that industrial welding and fabrication companies can be considered as the main pillar of industry itself. After all, it produces the necessary parts, structures, and equipment that ultimately provide the backbone for industrial facilities, and afford them the chance to reach their maximum potentials.

While industrial fabrication service providers are always on their toes to provide the best services possible because of the stiff competition, it is not easy to find the best company to work with. Following are some of the factors to consider when in search for a welding and fabrication contractor.

ASME Certification

The American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) is the standards certification authority for welding and fabrication companies. Receiving certification stamps from the ASME is a sign that the facility meets a series of critical safety and quality standards. Some key certification stamps to aim for are the R, S, and U ASME stamps.

Fabrication Space and Capacity

Obviously, even with the right equipment and manpower, a company cannot meet its delivery obligations if it does not have enough space for fabrication. Lack of space limits the company’s capacity to deliver that in turn, causes delays and delays production schedules. Simply put, the company cannot accept big orders that it cannot produce.

Welding Capabilities

At the forefront of most crucial industrial fabrication processes is welding. Thus, it is important for welding and fabrication companies to specialize in a wide variety of welding techniques as this will indicate the range of fabrication jobs they can handle. Because various applications require a specific welding technique, specializing in only a few techniques means that the company has limited fabrication capabilities as well.

Craftsmen and Manpower Expertise

Industrial fabrication usually requires advanced methods and processes that only highly experienced and highly skilled craftsmen can handle. When in search for fabrication companies, make sure to ask about the experience and training of their personnel, and the size of the labor force that they maintain.

Equipment Inventory

Without the right equipment, the use of the company’s expertise and fabrication space would not be optimized. The appropriate equipment must be available for use in specific applications to make completion of jobs easier. Lack of quality equipment can seriously affect the efficiency and performance of the employees.

Wide Range of Experience

It is important that the welding and fabrication companies you consider have extensive experience in the particular type of job that you need performed. This will guarantee that the company has the knowledge and capability required to perform the task satisfactorily and in a timely manner.

Other Factors

There are other factors to consider in the selection process such as quality, safety, and transport access, among others. The key is in choosing the company that can meet your specific requirements at the least possible cost and time.

KLK Welding, Inc. meets all the qualities expected of highly reputable welding and fabrication companies; visit KLK Welding in Hanover or York PA or call us to find out how we can help you with your industrial fabrication needs.