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KLK Welding offers training and AWS certification testing in welding to schools and businesses in PA.
In the late 2000s many bemoaned the apparent lack of professional welders and welding schools in PA as well as in other parts of the country. Craftsmen skilled in the art and science of welding were said to be a dying breed, what with the youth at that time aiming for careers in other industries – in particular, IT or information technology. Nowadays IT graduates are still in demand, but more and more people are looking into other career paths. There are now dozens of welding schools all over the country offering those interested a chance to have a career in welding.

Profitability is the main reason why careers in welding have again become appealing to a lot of people. As mentioned in the previous paragraph, there was a time when professional welders became scarce, leading to welding becoming a valuable skill. The demand for welders didn’t wane, though, so until now professionals with a background in welding are sought-after and paid handsomely.

If you are having a difficult time looking for welding schools in PA, there are several things you can do to make your search easier. A quick search online for technical schools offering welding courses will most likely yield results. You can also use the AWS or American Welding Society’s “School Locator” tool to find welding schools in Hanover or York. Another method is to contact your local AWS chapter and inquire about technical schools and community colleges that offer welding training and certifications.

Finally, you can reach out to established welding companies in the region. Some offer training; but even those that don’t can help you by recommending schools where you can enroll in welding classes and/or earn the certifications you need to have a successful career as a welder.

Whether you would like to be a professional welder or you only want to learn how to weld, get in touch with KLK Welding. One of the top metal fabrication and welding companies in the region, the experts at KLK Welding also offer training in welding and other related areas to various businesses and welding schools in PA. It would do you well to choose from among the schools that take advantage of the training given by KLK Welding experts. This is because you’re sure that what you’re taught is what is actually used in the real world, unlike in other educational institutions where it’s possible you’re only being fed theoretical knowledge.

If you’re not an aspiring welder but a business owner interested in training for your staff, KLK Welding can still help you. As said earlier, KLK Welding offers welding training not only to schools in the Hanover area, but also to businesses. Your staff will learn not only the welding basics but also other information that will enable them to excel as welders and welder helpers, machine operators, assemblers, repair technicians, maintenance mechanics, and even sales representatives.

Why should you choose KLK Welding for your training over other companies/schools? The answer is simple: the experts at KLK Welding can impart both theoretical and hands-on knowledge that only a handful of welding schools in PA can provide.